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Financial Calculator Suite

Widget Works Financial Calculator Suite is an integrated set of tools covering the whole mortgage journey. It's an integrated, cloud managed set of calculators for all devices. Try them out now

Mortgage Loan Payment

Make it easy for your customers to plan for their dream house

Super easy with full PITI and PMI support.

  • Manage the complexity: everything is editable and variable in one screen so the effect of every change is immediately shown
  • Full costing with PTI, PMI, optional Property Tax and strong calls to action
  • Rates based on loan ranges/jumbo and time based options
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How much can I afford to borrow?

Make complex calculations a breeze!

  • Dynamic down payment – our calculator works out how much you’d need to put down
  • PMI included in the affordability estimate
  • Super fast and easy to use, configurable LTV and Debt Ratios
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Budget Planner

Help create a clear picture of their finances.

  • Customisable input categories and reporting
  • Visual analysis built assists analysing where cash goes
  • Emailing and CRM integration options make this an easy way to collect information at the start of your planning processes
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Make it easy for your customers and branch staff.

Compare all the differences over the life of a loan: with fees, closing costs and extra repayments

  • Uses the same calculation engine as Payment Calculator for  full monthly and whole-of-loan cost comparison
  • Compare different payment frequency options
  • NEW: compare different frequencies and accelerated payment options to show how you can save your clients money
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Make it easy for your customers and branch staff

Your products. Your rates. Your credit rules.

  • Uses the same calculation engine as Repayment Calculator – rates based on loan ranges, and product lookups with discounts
  • Manage the complexity: interest rates are shown for the selected product
  • Show key product features and strong calls to action
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Make it easy for your customers and branch staff

Your features with easy Term Deposit & Cash Savings in one tool

  • Manage the complexity: one calculator presents savings and term deposit information
  • Term and regular savings products with easy comparison and realistic reinvestment options
  • Show key product features, specials and strong calls to action
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Our calculators help your customers plan their finances and differentiate your business

Our calculators work for you

You aren’t generic, your calculators shouldn’t be either
works for your customers

Make hard decisions easy. Help your customers know your products, rates & repayments.

works for your brand & marketing

Easy for you to customise and integrate with your brand & site. Google Analytics and Adobe SiteCatalyst ready – Analytics & events built in.

works with your technology

As easy to embed and run as a YouTube video. Peace of mind with an enterprise grade cloud solution. Easily edit, test & release your content updates.

Our Team

Widget Works will extend your capability with project management, design and technical expertise
Alistair Bruce
Al is an experienced IT Manager with high level competency in Applications Development , Program Management and Product Management. He has a thing for calculators.
Coridyn Fitzgerald-Hood
Technical Director
Coridyn has brought his extensive skill and experience to the HTML5/Javascript application stack. Coridyn has developed calculators for the largest banks in Australia & is a skilled Adobe web analytics integrator
Nathaniel Fitzgerald-Hood
Technical Director
Nathaniel is a fan of data visualisation and data management. Experienced in server-side application development, database and system management, Nathaniel also has a background in modern BI toolsets

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